Croydon Comedy Festival

The 5th Croydon Comedy Festival will take place during the summer of 2019. If you'd like to take part in any capacity please get in touch.

There have been some questions concerning what the Croydon Comedy Festival is. Well, it's all very relaxed and flexible but anything comedic happening in the Borough could be included. There is a focus on a series of shows in the summer (so far this has been during June and July) but the Festival has spread from an annual event to an ongoing promotional tool. I hope that clears things up but I fear it may create further confusion!

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The Croydon Comedy Festival has no advertising or sponsorship. All of our income comes from ticket sales. If you would like to support the Festival you can donate via paypal using the button below.


Our official Festival photographer is Vicky Walters. If you'd like to ask her to take pictures of an event please get in touch and we'll put you in touch.

Click on the links below to view the galleries:

29 Mar 18 Michael Legge + Briony Redman
22 Feb 18 Matt Abbott + Helen Betham + Paul Duncan McGarrity
15 Jul 16 Lucy Porter + Jenny Lockyer
12 Aug 15 Richard Herring + Matt Green
06 Aug 15 Sara Pascoe + Jenny Lockyer
30 Jul 15 Hey Hey 16K + Danielle Ward*
26 Jul 15 Jonny & the Baptists + Elliot Mason
23 Jul 15 Comedy Manifesto + Alistair Green+
16 Jul 15 Nick Helm + Matthew Crosby*
09 Jul 15 Phil Nichol + Stephen Carlin
02 Jul 15 John Robins + Elf Lyons
18 Jun 15 Pappy's + Caroline Mabey
31 May 15 Indoor Launch night
24 May 15 Outdoor Launch night

* taken by Mark Hodge
+ taken by Rob Preston


Pappy's: for inspiration, support and just for being themselves. Look them up. Watch their stuff. Go to their shows.

Sara Pascoe: for advice on how and who and for being open to questions from a complete stranger.

Paul Howland - Glorious Management Ltd: for suggestions, patience and grace under the weight of emails.

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